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Health and Safety News

News, views and stories of interest which may help you in your Health and Safety strategy. The archive section is always open to view stories you might have missed. Below is a list of all our current news items, or you can view our past stories by going to our archive section.

Submitted on 16 Jun 2020

COVID-19 Compliance - How to avoid getting into hot water!

How to ensure that the resumption of business means continuing to comply with all your legal obligations

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Submitted on 2 Jun 2020

Homeworking – is it the new “office”?

The impact of the coronavirus may cause employers to radically change the way they work - and decide that, for some of their workforce, homeworking may be the answer!

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Submitted on 12 May 2020

Supporting Employers to reopen their Business

We want to support Employers to enable staff to feel confident and safe to return to the workplace – so we created the Business Reactivation Toolkit!

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Submitted on 6 May 2020

Business Reactivation Toolkit launching this week

Our Business Reactivation Toolkit provides essential guidance on reactivating your business - and the support to help get you there!

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Submitted on 16 Apr 2020

Supporting your Business through COVID-19 – Latest Updates!

Helping to support you through the Coronavirus pandemic - and for what comes after!

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Submitted on 12 Mar 2020

Supporting your Business through COVID-19

Here we give hard-pressed employers some valuable resources to help your business through COVID-19!

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Submitted on 6 Feb 2020

H&S after Brexit – “What do I do now?”

We say that "A safer business is a better business" - so how can you, in transition period, take a fresh approach to your workplace H&S to help you achieve your profit-making potential?

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Submitted on 27 Nov 2019

How to avoid Christmas party pitfalls

Now is the time for seasonal festivities to begin in earnest. So here are a few things to consider to ensure your festivities go with a swing - and not a bang!!!

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Submitted on 14 Nov 2019

Defending your business against flooding

The rain keeps coming, and with it the potential to devastate businesses! So what can you do to enable your organisation to survive the impact of flood?

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Submitted on 17 Oct 2019

Is your office making you sick?

"Sick building syndrome" appears to be making a comeback - affecting both the physical and mental wellbeing of office workers as well as impacting on productivity

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